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The Reason About CSS Is Good For Google
Posted by globaltor (3) | 2009-11-18 08:04:16
Stylesheets cascading (CSS) are a simple Separation that used to separate the stylistic elements of a page such as provision of fonts and color page content such as paragraphs and images. CSS also helps you have control over the layout and look of a web page. We can call this Separation of Content from Presentation. If you don't understand CSS at all then you may decide not to use it for your site. However i would suggest that the advantages to be gained from using CSS, not just for G... Read More...
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Menu is an important element of website. Menu has to be user-friendly and match the design in order to facilitate navigation. In this list you will find 120 excellent examples of css horizantal menu.... Read More...
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CSS Stylesheets Cross-browser compatibility is one of the most time consuming tasks for any web designer. Weíve seen many different articles over the net describing common problems and fixes. Iíve collated all the information I could find to create some coding conventions for ensuring that your site will work first time in every browser. There are some things you should consider for Safari and Firefox also, and IE isnít always the culprit for your CSS woes.... Read More...
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CSS Stylesheets Using CSS to style semantically meaningful (X)HTML markup is an important key to modern web design practices. In a prefect world, every browser would interpret and apply all CSS rules in exactly the same way. However, in the imperfect world in which we live, quite the opposite frequently happens to be the case: many CSS styles are displayed differently in virtually every browser. Many, if not all, major modern browsers (e.g., Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer, Netscape, et al) implement thei... Read More...
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All CSS Properties
Posted by rozemar (1) | 2007-12-05 03:59:54
CSS Stylesheets Alphabetical list of all CSS properties from the Cascading Style Sheets 2 (CSS2) specification. The CSS properties are listed alphabetically to help you quickly find the property you're looking for, or to find out whether it exists or not. CSS properties are used to apply styles to structured documents, such as those created with HTML or XML. Note that not all browsers/user agents support all CSS properties, so you should try to test your pages in as many browsers as you can. ... Read More...
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9 CSS Ethics Every Designer Should Have
Posted by marktun (21) | 2007-12-03 22:05:09
CSS Stylesheets No need to get any more complicated structure than you need to. Writing a CSS Stylesheet That is Easy to Maintain is realy easy, just by following these 9 ethics. I call it ethics as it show your personality would affect your design style. How deeply you organize your CSS can greatly hinder any necessary tweaks that arise in the future. So, I proposed the question to my team to take a close look at some of the most interesting CSS coding structure and listed them below where you can probably ... Read More...
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70 Expert Ideas For Better CSS Coding
Posted by marktun (21) | 2007-12-03 22:01:50
CSS Stylesheets CSS isnít always easy to deal with. Depending on your skills and your experience, CSS coding can sometimes become a nightmare, particularly if you arenít sure which selectors are actually being applied to document elements. An easy way to minimize the complexity of the code is as useful as not-so-well-known CSS attributes and properties you can use to create a semantically correct markup. Weíve taken a close look at some of the most interesting and useful CSS tricks, tips, ideas, methods, tec... Read More...
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CSSVista is a free Windows application for web developers which lets you edit your CSS code live in both Internet Explorer and Firefox simultaneously. The software is brought to us by the authors of Litmus, a tool that tests your websites on a set of browsers.... Read More...
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