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There are some amazing new and improved features in Joomla 1.6 and the new permission system (ACL) might just be the most popular of them all. Access control permission what? Lets just say, again, this is probably the most wanted and discussed feature among Joomla fans (you can even buy a Let there be ACL! tshirt on! Sure, in Joomla 1.5 you can control the user group access on a basic level (think: Registered/Admin/Author etc), but Joomla 1.6 ACL takes this to a whole new le... Read More...
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Joomla Tips and Tricks It is definitely time for template developers to start the process of converting their existing Joomla templates over to 1.6. This article will not go into the basic details, since that has been covered by the Joomlapraise article earlier, but rather a few extra things which you may find useful.... Read More...
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Creativa is an upcoming, Morph framework powered, community style themelet for Joomla. Popular extensions Creativa will integrate with: - Social Engine: JomSocial, Anahita (when available) - Blog: Wordpress for Joomla, K2, FlexiContent, MyBlog - Comments: JomComment, JComment - Ecommerce: Tienda - Forum: Ninjaboard, Kunena Learn about the Morph framework & toolset for Joomla: Read More...
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Creativa is an upcoming community style themelet for the Morph Toolset for Joomla. It is still in the early design phase, but we’ll keep you posted on our blog about the development. The overall style of this themelet is around community, so we will be adding support for a number of leading Joomla extensions, giving you a complete solution to use for your next Community site.... Read More...
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For all of you using the Morph toolset for Joomla - extensive updates have been done to the whole toolset...and more: * Updates to the Configurator component * Updates to the Morph template & Vanilla themelet * Updates to the Quick Installer * The NEW addition of a dark base themelet (Liquorice) * Stable release of the Explorer themelet Read more and get the details at ProThemer Team Blog: Read More...
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Preview: Sidebar Module Migrator tool
Posted by JoomlaJunkie (26) | 2009-12-09 07:46:46
About 3 weeks ago, you helped us exploring alternatives to Joomla’s default sidebar module position names. Well, Morph is now on its way to take a bold step in moving away from the default module position names for it’s sidebars. Problem When you build a new website with Joomla’s sample content, it uses “left” and “right” positions to assign the default modules. Most likely, this is also how you have it on your existing live site that you want to convert to Morph. Solution The sideba... Read More...
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On Morph's new documentation site you will find everything from help videos, tutorials, faq's and more. In order to really get the most out of Morph, it's highly recommend you go through the available documentation, as many of the concepts used in Morph are new and require a bit of understanding to best utilize. Take your time, it's worth it! CATEGORIES Getting Started - Gives you the basics to get up and running quickly. Configurator - This component puts yo... Read More...
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Times are changing in the Joomla template development world, and it's all for the better with optimization and the customer in mind. This blog post shows you the latest clean, minimalist style "themelet" built for Morph, the templating toolset/framework for Joomla: Read More...
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Only a few days left of the 15% membership renewal discount, which ends November 30! For all Joomlajunkie members (free or paid): Extend your membership before 30th of November and get an instant 15% off (applicable to any level of current and new membership). 1. Log in at 2. Select the new membership of your choice & add voucher code RENEW15 3. Continue the checkout process until all confirmed.... Read More...
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This generic Quick Installer for Morph is a combination of: - the latest version of Joomla - a number of pre-installed and configured extensions that the Joomlajunkie team have tried and tested to be useful time savers - well structured dummy content and menu items. The AIM with the generic quick installer is: 1. Help you get up and running faster. 2. Act as a tool that you can learn from. 3. Reduce the time it takes to get a demo up. 4. Showcase the extensive work on J... Read More...
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The current naming convention assumes that the position of your Joomla website sidebar will always be on the left or right of the primary content. However, gone are the days where you are constrained to having your sidebars “fixed” to either the left or right. Isn't it time for a change of the default position names? Read more and join the discussion at: Read More...
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Preview: LeBlanc themelet
Posted by JoomlaJunkie (26) | 2009-11-20 08:38:36
This is a clean, minimalist style Joomla themelet coming up for the Morph framework. Lots of white space and typographical detail throughout make this the perfect start for any professional, personal or company blog and portfolio. Like what you see? For more screenshots and information, visit: Read More...
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