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Docman seller is a joomla component developed by Ossolution Team to allow selling documents in docman respository . If you want to sell documents such as ebooks, videos, mp3 .... this component will be the best solution for you . Let us describe how the component works :

1. Customers go to your site and browse for documents using com_docman . If the documents have been set up for selling in Docman seller component , they will see a button called "Buy Now" . Customers can click on the button to go to the order page . (Please note that customers can go directly to the Docman seller component to see list of available documents for selling . Then they can choose a document to view detail information and purchase it ).
2. Customer is directed to order page . They fill in all necessary data and then go to payment process with the selected payment gateway .
3. Once payment have been made, the customer and administrators will be sent an email inform them about new order with detail information . Customer then can log-in to your site, click on "Your orders" link to view list of orders and download the purchased document from there .

The feature of the components inculuding :

1. Front-end functions :
1. Document lists : Show list of documents have been setting up for sellling .
2. Document detail : Show detail information of the document .
3. Order form : Show order form to collect customer data .
4. Payment gateway integration : Currently, paypal is the only one payment gateway using in the component . However, we will integrate other popular payment gateways such as echeck,, eway, google checkout..... in the near future .
5. Email notification : When an order is made, notification emails will be sent to customer and administrators to inform them about the new order .
6. Orders history : Users can log-in to the site and see the list of orders they made. From there, they can download the purchased documents .
7. Docman integration :
1. Show "Buy now" button in the documents have been setting up for selling . When users browse documents using com_docman, they can click on this button to purchase the document .
2. When the user makes an order, if the document is assign access permission to docman group, the user will be assigned to this docman group and they can download the document from docman repository . (don't have to use "Orders history" to download purchased document) .
8. Community buider integration :
1. CB plug-in to display orders history.
2. Auto fill-in customer data in order form using data stored in community builder .
9. Mambot : Allow adding "Click here to buy this item" link into any joomla content item .
2. Back-end features :
1. Configuration :
1. Configuration the integration between the component and community builder, docman.
2. Configuration the messages displayed above the forms in the component .
3. Configuration the email subject, email body.....
4. ... And much more configuration options available on the component .
2. Items mamagenment : Set up the document from docman repository for selling using the component.
3. Order management : Managing the orders made by customer from front-end .
4. CSV export: Export orders data into an csv file for integration with other application .
3. Other features :
1. Multi languages supports
2. Full control look and feel using css .
3. The component follow joomla coding standard, so you can easily customize it to meet your requirement .

We wish that you will have a success business while using this component . To find out all the features of this component, please visit our demo site at .

Version 1.0.1 added the following features:
* Pay later feature : You can config to enable pay later feature or not . If this feature is enabled, customer can choose pay later and specify pay later option (Pay at the door,Mail in payment, Call in payment ). The order will be pending . Once customer paid for this order, you will activate this order and they can download the purchased document .
* Send download link via email : If this feature is enabled, once order have been made, a download link will be sent to customer email . They can download the purchased document without loggin to the site .
* Limit download by number of download
* Limit download by time
* Manual ordering features

We hope these nice improvements will make our component more power .


Ossolution Team .

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