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Say hello to Aurum. We Bring up the Joomla extension on next level.

Hi, dudes. The new era in Joomla extensions development is starting now, with Balbooa team.

Yeah...yeah, you understand us correctly we announcing that Balbooa team are start developing Joomla extensions on new highest level.

It is important not only what is outside but inside too. Imagine that you are living in a house. Yes it a house and it is perfect performs the role of house, you can live in it, eat in it, sleep in it, outside the house looks like a lot of similar houses, but not all so simple. Inside you have a standard design and usability like brick wall without wallpaper and paint, cold cement floor, no furniture, light, kitchen stuff e.t.c. You feel like your house is not your home, it is cold, it is not cozy, but outside it is still looking like house and do its work.

The same thing is in the website administration. You switching your computer on, enter your website, with a words " what an awesome website I have", then open admin area, and... oops, it is not pretty is a website is. While your visitors enjoy the beauty of your front-end - you have spent your time in not cool admin area. Balbooa team will save you from that.

We want to make your website like your home. That was the main idea of us. We create superior templates with awesome design and usability, we create superior extensions with easy to use admin area and understandable settings. Thanks to that your website began to be a home not only for you, but for all your customers. Today we want to make the next big step in our way. We want to make the part that visible only for the owner of the website more comfortable and cozy. Like you are in your own home and you don't want to leave.

We want to present new highest level Joomla extensions.
From today and for ages all our Joomla extensions:
6maps - Joomla Google map Module;
6tweets - Joomla twitter module;
6contacts - Joomla contact form;
6gallery - Joomla image gallery;
6slides - Joomla slideshow module;
6popups - Joomla popup module;

get a new superior custom admin area and its name Aurum.

It is the big step in Joomla development nowadays, no one has that, no one even think to do that. No one thinks about whom, who are behind the Curtain, but it is important for us to satisfy needs of all - visitors and administrators.

So enough words, let us present our superior admin area.

If your workspace is cozy your productivity jumps on the most highest level that you can. This is why we decorate our houses and working spaces with some beautiful things, paints, photos, small baubles e.t.c. We think if that will be a possibility to decorate the place where administrators working every day, the Joomla admin area, and we came to conclusion to add the background adding feature.
Background adding

Imagine that you can add a picture of beautiful nature, or your girlfriend on the background of the admin area in Joomla...ohh..don't imagine it is in real life now. Just go to "Advanced options" tab select the background from computer or directly from your website and insert it, you will see your picture on the background in a second. Isn't it awesome? With our great working module you satisfy the needs of your clients, and with our module Joomla admin area you satisfy your needs, the needs of comfortability of working. The admin area becomes more simple, in addition you can add different thematic picture on every module for not to be confused where are you now.


The next thing that we wanted to develop was tabs of the module. Tabs are located on the top and they look like not pretty awesome, and we think it is uncomfortable location of them. We have continued the development trend of Joomla and go even further! We have moved the tabs from the top of the page to the left side. The main thren in design nowadays is transparency, and we use that feature too. Now all tabs of our module are transparency, so you can see your background. Transparency gives more light to our extension admin area, besides all switching from tab to tab taking place instantly without page reloading. All that makes our solution with a tabs not just good picture but a great working mechanism.

We develop our admin area for a long time, we spent a big of it on thinking what is better to do to make admin area more easy to use and beautiful. We think we have done it. It is only the first step in such kind of projects. So, now you can download all Joomla extensions with new custom admin area from Balbooa team and make sure that it is a great breakthrough in Joomla development.

If you already have our Joomla modules you can easily update them without without data loss.

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