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Yotophoto Search Engine for Free Images on the Web

Yotophoto index images in the public domain or available for free usage under various forms of copyleft licensing.

While some of the images are in the Public Domain, most are released under Creative Commons, GNU FDL or similar licenses. These licenses typically have some minor conditions of use (such as requiring that credit be given to the photographer). Yotophoto offers resources and links to help users understand and comply with the license conditions (because we hate legalese as much as you do).

We index various sources of free imagery on the web including Flickr, Wikipedia, Stock.Xchng, Morguefile, Pixelperfect Digital and OpenPhoto. We treat the sites we index as partners and respect the rights of the photographers whose images we index.

Image types
We generally only index photographs. Other image types like maps, graphics, illustrations, 3D renderings, charts and the like are not indexed at this time.

Our philosophy has always been to cater not just to designers looking for fresh new image stock, but also those who are looking for images of historical, geographic, cultural or scientific significance. For this reason, Yotophoto will find images of varying quality- from historic turn of the century black and whites to modern cutting edge, artistic photographs.

Who's using Yotophoto?
Bloggers and Webmasters
Everyone has a blog or personal website these days, but most are very text-centric. Including images with postings enriches the experience of the reader and can also help to illustrate or support the writer's viewpoint.

Graphic and Web Designers
Graphic designers need source images for inspiration, comps (mock-ups) and for finished works. If the client is a non-profit or mom-and-pop business with few resources then copyleft images might be the way to go.

For truely commercial projects we recommend designers use images from one of the many microstock suppliers.

Digital Artists
With the ever increasing popularity of digital image compositions as art, we help fill a need for source materials for these budding artists.

A typical 3D rendering or Photoshop composition might use anywhere from a handfull of source images and textures to a few hundred. Since most derive little or no income from their works, copyleft images are often the way to go.

Open resource contributors
People who contribute to various 'open resources' such as Wikipedia, Wikitravel and citizen media sites like NowPublic need imagery to go along with their articles. Many are finding that Yotophoto is the perfect resource for quickly locating the images they need, within the license conditions these sites require.

Educators and Students
While in most cases educational use of copywritten material is covered by 'fair use' doctrine, there are still some gray areas to consider.

Consider the case of a for-profit private school, or a teacher who wants to share lesson plans and other prepared materials under a Creative Commons license. Similarly, students may also wish to release their work under a CC license or publish it on their (ad supported) blog.

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