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Fabrik 1.0.5 Released
SUBMITTER Posted by gizem (17) | 2008-03-31 23:26:18
 Fabrik 1.0.5 Released

Fabrik 1.0.5, the form and database management component, is now available from

What's New in 1.0.5 ?

As well as the countless bugs we've fixed and little improvements through out the code base, below are some of the key new features in 1.0.5:


Option to send email only when a new record is entered. This avoids sending an email each time the record is edited
Ajax scroll navigation option. Allows you to scroll through form data or detailed views without refreshing the page.
Ask user for receipt. If turned on, a “send receipt” check box is shown, allowing the user to request a receipt.


Fields can now be set to disabled or read only
Ranged search option added (e.g. Search between x & y)
Fields can now be defined as numeric or strings, If defined as numeric you have the further options to define the integer and decimal length
Format string – apply formatting to your fields (useful for adding currency symbols to numeric data)
- User element – update on edit – give you the option to store the details of the person updating the record, or to keep the details of the person who created the record.
Text area – option added to show the number of allowed characters left, and to limit the text box text length.
Database join – New DIY type added, write in your sql query to create the join.


Table records can now be translated with Joomfish
Empty button; allow for your users to empty a table's data (also resets the table's key to 0)
Allow filters: if set to “no” filters and pre-filters will not effect the data shown.
CSV Export – you can now choose between using the element name, element label or “tablename_elementname” as the exported heading data.

Please note

Fabrik 1.0.5 is only compatible with Joomla 1.0.x and NOT wit Joomla 1.5.x. We hope to get seriously into preparing a fabrik 2.0 beta release which will be native to Joomla1.5.

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