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Kunena Spam Killer
SUBMITTER Posted by joomservices (19) | 2010-08-06 06:08:13
Kunena Spam Killer

Kunena Spam Killer is a Joomla 1.5 native extension developed by Ossolution Team to prevent your Kunena forum From being posted Spam posts by Spammers .

The principle is simple : When someone posts a message on your forum, the Kunena Spam Killer plugin will be trigged. The plugin will use Akismet service to check whether this message is posted by a spammer. If Yes, the forum post will be unpublished. Also, a notification email will be sent to administrator and a confirmation email will be sent to users to inform them about this spam message. Administrator can go to the back-end of the component, see list of spam messages . If he sees a message which is not a spam, he can publish it and the message will be showed on your forum.

1. Auto detect and un-publish any spam messages on your forum as soon as it is posted by spammers.
2. Send notification email to administrator and confirmation email to spammer when a spam message is detected (You can turn off sending emails feature in configuration the extension).
3. Auto add users to trusted list if there is no spam detected in his forum post (this is configurable) . If a user is in trusted list, when he post a new message on your forum, the system will not have to connect Akismet to check for spam .
4. Auto add users to block list when spam detected in their forum posts. (this is configurable). If a user is in block list, when he post a new post on forum, the forum post will be unpublished automatically.
5. Auto block user and logout him if spam message is detected (this is configurable) .
6. Messages management which allow you to see list of messages from back-end of the extension . You can then publish the messages if it is not a spam message .
7. Spammers management which allow you to see lisf of spammers. If you see someone not a spammer in this list, you can publish this account so that he will not be blocked .
8. Configuration with many config options to make the extension flexible .

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