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Optimum Theme is a brand new Joomla template provider. We create Joomla templates that minimal, clean and modern. All templates are built in CSS3, HTML5 and LESS. Twitter's Bootstrap and FontAwesome are integrated to all templates as built-in. We would like to present especially for BestOfJoomla visitors, 20% discount on our membership plans with this discount code: OT20BOJ Come on, grab your responsive, clean and advanced Joomla templates now! Read More...
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A fresh brew of Joomla Template design with Joomla51
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Here's a story about WHY we decided to focus our energy to build the new best social networking extension for Joomla! ... Read More...
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SEO for Joomla
Posted by Bang2joom (2) | 2013-08-11 19:41:17
Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a must-have skill for designers, developers, programmers, writers, website managers and more. SEO drives traffic to the site and as a developer you can certainly boost your perceived expertise with a solid working knowledge of SEO best practices. Unfortunately, learning SEO is a bit of a challenge. Perhaps surprisingly, this is not due to the knowledge required but due to the sheer amount of information available.... Read More...
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Optimizing a Joomla Website
Posted by stackideas (27) | 2013-08-04 09:34:34
What does a smart web developer do to make a Joomla site load faster? The answer is really simple, LESS is more. In other words, keep fewer extensions / modules and plugins on your site. This is the best advice for web developers, freelancers and also site administrators to follow when keeping a Joomla site fast and speedy. There's more tips available at Read More...
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Before starting a Joomla website, you need to decide on the most important aspect of your website -- the doman name. In this I Blog With Joomla blog series, we will share with you in a three-part mini series about starting a Joomla environment before starting to blog in Joomla. We've shared some tips on selecting the ideal domain name that will make or break your website in the long run. Check out the tips at Read More...
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There is a new and upcoming social networking extension for the Joomla CMS -- EasySocial. Web developers and Joomla hobbyists can take advantage of this new tool to build thriving online communities especially if they have used other tools and looking for the next best alternative. EasySocial is the brainchild of the StackIdeas Team who are popular with their blogging extension EasyBlog, forum extension EasyDiscuss and comment extension Komento. Users can sign-up for the beta release... Read More...
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I Blog With Joomla Campaign Starts!
Posted by stackideas (27) | 2013-07-27 01:44:01
Instead of Wordpress, Joomla! on its own is great to start a blog by using a few addons. Whether it is a pure blog site or adding a blog area into your existing site, Joomla! works. StackIdeas will be posting a series of blogs that show users how to start blogging in Joomla. In the upcoming blogs, we will highlight the tools and essentials that will guide you in making the right decisions when starting a blog powered by Joomla. Stay tuned to Read More...
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There is a brand new Joomla template for EasyDiscuss forum extension called Shaper Megadeal. Our partner recently released an e-commerce template for Joomla websites that is capable to support shopping carts sites like eBay or Amazon. We're also very excited about it because this template supports EasyDiscuss. Check out the demo of this new Joomla theme at /index.php/discussions EasyDiscuss is a great Joomla forum ex... Read More...
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StackIdeas has a NEW website!
Posted by stackideas (27) | 2013-07-27 01:34:45 has recently unleashed a brand new website boasting a simpler layout that's easy to navigate and download Joomla extensions. Some of the key features of the new website: 1. Better Navigation 2. Enhanced Member Page 3. Easy to Download 4. Refined Forum You have to test drive it to know it! Happy browsing the new! Details at Read More...
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Posted by Bang2joom (2) | 2013-07-25 14:57:48
Being a newly-formed, creative Joomla! development club with unique and fresh ideas, we create expressive, fully responsive HTML5/CSS3 Joomla! templates, modules and plugins. Why Bang2joom? Being Joomla! addicted, we AIM at having our place in Joomla! space, so with our "bang-bang" shoots we want to fill in like bubbles and make Joomla! big family even bigger. "We love mother earth & nature, we love music & colors and we do love our God" ... Read More...
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Save 10%, 20% or 30% at JoomlaPlates
Posted by Joomlaplates (10) | 2013-07-13 06:05:46
If you want to join our membership you get 10%, 20% or 30% for every new subscription. Please use the Coupon code below for your selection: - StartUp Membership Coupon 10% = UGMWND - Advanced Membership Coupon 20% = ZGMWND - Developer Membership coupon 30% = MZJLMD ... Read More...
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A whole list of improvements and new features has been added into the new Skyline Downloads Pro. Get to know Downloads Pro Skyline Downloads Pro is a complete solution of management and sharing documents or files for your Joomla website. The component allows you to create unlimited categories and sub-categories. You can also add title, rating, hot-new ribbon, featured mark, short and full description to every document. Furthermore, its simple to set meta description and meta keywords by mak... Read More...
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