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Hot! New Blog
Posted by Joomlage (12) | 2013-10-29 05:00:25
Everyone else has one nowadays so it must be cool! Here we will be posting all things joomla from new joomla template release news, joomla modules news, joomla extensions news, new tutorials for joomla 3 and of course special offers! Subscribe today to keep updated on everything happening at Read More...
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A fresh brew of Joomla Template design with Joomla51
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The latest EasyBlog 3.9 is available for download now! EasyBlog 3.9 now integrates with EasySocial, the latest social networking extension for Joomla, in the following areas: - Avatar Linking - Profile Linking - Adding blogs into activity stream - Live Notifications - Badge Integration - Blog privacy options We've also added 2 new features and made it slightly faster for better blogging in Joomla. More details are available at our blog Read More...
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Spooky October - Halloween Popup Card
Posted by Skylinesoft (24) | 2013-10-17 05:19:18
Let's enjoy some happy creepy nights at the end of this month. With Halloween Popup Card, you only need to spend 5 minutes for setting and then ... OOPS!!! A horrified text in cool Halloween style will be showed up on your website. Happy Hallow's Eve! Halloween Popup Card is a flexible module which creates spooky popup messages for Joomla. It allows you to create the text board that pops out with mischievous spiders, scary music and funny pumpkin-shaped close button. Furthermore, th... Read More...
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We are happy to announce that Event Registration pro for Joomla 3 is finally hear and working like a charm. It has been a long awaited version and we have been getting daily emails about it for the past month. And now it's here in all its glory. Read more about Event Registration Pro at ... Read More...
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EasySocial is Launched!
Posted by stackideas (27) | 2013-10-10 05:32:43
StackIdeas is proud to launch their brand new social networking extension for Joomla, EasySocial! EasySocial is the next revolutionary tool to create a personalised community within Joomla websites. Powered with tons of features, it is all about full user interactions in a simple-to-use layout. You can use EasySocial to build enterprise networks, intranets or a private group to allow your clients, suppliers or staff interact in a safe, secured environment. EasySocial has tons of feat... Read More...
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Joomla Chat Extension 3.0
Posted by topcmm (1) | 2013-09-23 01:22:20
123 Flash Chat has released Joomla chat module 3.0. Joomla user profiles can be fully integrated to chat room with latest Joomla chat module 3.0. It can add a live chat room to Joomla. And a free hosted chat will be assigned to your Joomla, once the module is successfully installed. Demo: Download: It adds a chat room with multiple skins and users auto sign-on. Recent changes: better chat room control in Joo... Read More...
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deMonstrate your work Contest
Posted by JoomlaMonster (58) | 2013-09-19 06:44:29
We are happy to announce a fantastic contest from DJ-Extensions adressed to everyone who used one or more of our Joomla extensions on own website! We promote great work and we would like to show people how creatively our extensions can be used. Just show us your website, share with your work and get a opportunity to promote your website and win amazing prizes worth $1200! Submitted websites will be presented on! We invite you to enter the competition, closing da... Read More...
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Update Media Store 1.3.0
Posted by Skylinesoft (24) | 2013-09-18 21:51:49
Media Store is the unique Joomla 3.0 shopping cart which allows users to sell downloadable/digital products such as documents, e-books, software, images and more. Media Store support SEO, nice responsive design and multiple plugins. New version of Media Store is enhanced with a bunch of great plugins, including Like to Download, Disqus Comments and Xmap. Here comes the full list: - Sales statistic with animated graph in daily, weekly, monthly or total. - 2Checkout payment method. - Search an... Read More...
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Auction Factory - the unique Auction System for all Joomla versions. Auction Factory supports all common auction types - Public Auctions, Private Auctions (Sealed Envelope), Buy-it-Now Auctions all including Proxy Bidding (Automatic Bidding). Winner selection can be done automatically (best bid wins) or manually (by the auctioneer). Having a fully customizable template system, webmasters can customize with ease and without any PHP knowledge the look of any page in our extension. There is n... Read More...
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SEO Keyword Factory 3.0.0
Posted by thefactory (156) | 2013-09-18 02:22:39
SEO Keyword Factory will allow you to create and maintain a search engine friendly web site by building and saving keyword-rich URLs for a better search engine relevance. The SEO link is created automatically after the search keywords that brings the visitor on that certain page. Google, Yahoo and Bing are now integrated. In order for the component to function properly, webmasters must enable the System SEO Keyword Factory plugin, which detects the referral from the search engine and will all... Read More...
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Wall Factory 3.0.0
Posted by thefactory (156) | 2013-09-18 02:08:23
Our FREE Facebook Wall like Joomla Extenion helps you create a community website where users can collaborate, share messages, news, videos, images freely. This extension can be easy used also in intranets where teams are posting news about their jobs and company news. Attach and share media and images within your website, provide your users the interaction and dynamic needed in any modern website. And the best part is - it is FREE to download, and FREE to use. No encryption and no limitati... Read More...
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Advertisement Factory 3.0.0 released
Posted by thefactory (156) | 2013-09-18 01:53:57
Advertisement Factory is a Joomla extension to sell and manage site advertisements like links, thumbnails, banners, modals, full pages and keywords. With an automatic work-flow, choosing the options, uploading files, then pend for publishing with different prices. Supported Advert types: -Links -Thumbnails -Banners -Modals -Popups -Articles -Full Pages (between pages for x seconds) -Keywords (replace in content) -Tracking. Triggered on: ... Read More...
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