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Spotlight on Successful Joomla! Sites
Posted by gizem (17) | 2007-12-06 17:58:31
Professional Joomla!, is a newly published joomla book by Dan Rahmel, published by Wiley Publishing Inc., October 2007. Dan Rahmel spotlighted on sucessful Joomla sites on chapter 16. Here is the list, useful and interesting. ( ) Chapter 16: Spotlight on Successful Joomla! Sites Academic Sites Princeton Molecular Biology Department: Shakespeare Birthplace Trust: Journal of Inter... Read More...
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If you're thinking about joining the Joomla SEO Club, but haven't yet, this is a great week to subscribe and start learning. The are lots of interesting discussions going on in our forum and we've recently added lots of new material including new SEO Book chapters, new video tutorials, and checklist to make sure you launch, update or improve your site in the post possible way for SEO. Use the coupon "xmas" for a 25% discount on all packages! ... Read More...
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Commercial Addons Good news for all webmasters wishing to move or start their projects on Joomla 1.5! - a site presenting components devoted exclusively native to Joomla 1.5 announces its launch. JoomSuite is in the target and uses their components on the site, what guarantee that all components are working fine and well thought out. Many know that JoomSuite developers who developed components for JoomlaEquipment have outstanding approach in component developing. That makes JoomSuite components n... Read More...
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Novus is a new FREE Joomla template released under the GNU/GPL license. Novus features a clean and professional design that is incredibly lightweight and fast loading. Novus is a perfect template for any professional or business based website and includes a multitude of features including a tableless fully CSS layout, built in Splitmenu, 11 module positions, Adobe Fireworks Source PNG file for making your own graphic modifications, cross browser compatibility, and much more. ... Read More...
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All CSS Properties
Posted by rozemar (1) | 2007-12-05 03:59:54
CSS Stylesheets Alphabetical list of all CSS properties from the Cascading Style Sheets 2 (CSS2) specification. The CSS properties are listed alphabetically to help you quickly find the property you're looking for, or to find out whether it exists or not. CSS properties are used to apply styles to structured documents, such as those created with HTML or XML. Note that not all browsers/user agents support all CSS properties, so you should try to test your pages in as many browsers as you can. ... Read More...
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Joomlashack Developer Club!
Posted by karen (24) | 2007-12-05 03:36:51
Whether you're a new or advanced user, if you're a web developer who is serious about Joomla! you might want to take a moment to consider the Joomlashack Web Developer Club. We'd like to invite you to join us "behind the scenes" to be a part of something great. We believe this will be very beneficial to those who use Joomlashack products and resources on a regular basis. Joomlashack Developer Club Features: • Access to all templates and use on unlimited domains. For... Read More...
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jp Submissionary has been released
Posted by giordano (1) | 2007-12-04 20:09:09
Free Addons has just released jp Submissionary. This is a much enhanced version of the popular JA Submit component. Your visitors will still be able to submit articles to your site. But now as admin, you'll be able to view the pending articles and approve or delete them. The writer will receive an automated email, with the article's URL when the post is approved with the article's URL. And you'll be able to edit the email on the back-end. New Features: -The submit p... Read More...
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Joomlacode the Upgrade!
Posted by nuston (20) | 2007-12-04 19:10:19
A while back I wrote a blog post about the performance issues we’ve been having with JoomlaCode’s maintenance routines. We’ve been trying to work out how to best keep JoomlaCode running as fast as possible whilst maintaining stability (so far we’ve lost stability for productivity with server downtime for maintenance) and we’ve decided our next best move is to do an upgrade of PostgreSQL. But as with everything upgrades require down time (again!) so we’re going to take JoomlaCode down so that we ... Read More...
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Join us for the first Belgian and Canadian Joomla! 1.5 bug squashing days on 9th and 10th of December, in Vancouver Canada and Brussels Belgium. On the menu are Joomla! 1.5 bugs, sweet Canadian Coffee, fine Belgian beers and of course a lot of fun! The event in Vancouver will take place at the same time as the event in San Fransisco. On Monday morning Brussels will carry he torch forward and pick up any bugs that are left on the trackers and forums. Please note that space is limited, so ... Read More...
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Lots of Joomla components produce 100s and sometimes 1000s of unnecessary extra URLs that are then indexed by Google. This tutorial shows you how to make sure only good pages are indexed.... Read More...
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5 Exciting New RocketLabs Releases
Posted by TechWorker (1) | 2007-12-03 22:24:34
Enjoy 5 exciting new variations of the immensely popular RocketTheme Dimensions template. Modifications include Halo 3, World of Warcraft, Call of Duty 4, Eve Online, and a crisp light version... Read More...
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21+ Fresh Ajax CSS Tables
Posted by Chris07 (1) | 2007-12-03 22:06:11
Not many web designers have fun when it comes to styling tabular data. We have taken a close look at today’s best functioning and styled tables to showcase over 15 modern css and Ajax tables teaching you some useful techniques for displaying information in a tabular mode using sorting or filtering functions. ... Read More...
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