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Joomla! 3.7 where we at?
Posted by JoomlaMonster (219) | 2017-03-20 07:40:15
Joomla 3.7 is expected to be released soon. It brings more than 700 improvements and new useful features. Users can already download Beta 3 version and test it. We've had already tested our Joomla extensions. Most of them are working correctly with the Joomla 3.7.0 beta 3 version. We are currently working to make all extensions 100% compatible for the premiere of Joomla 3.7 version stable.... Read More...
Category: Commercial Addons | Source: | VIEW View: 801
Are you using JomSocial and DJ-Classifieds? Better integration was just added. Your users can now use JomSocial's contact form instead of the original one when contacting the advertiser. Check the tutorial and see how to configure DJ-Classifieds Joomla ads extension to use JomSocial messaging system.... Read More...
Category: Commercial Addons | Source: | VIEW View: 782
Find out how to use Points/Credits instead of regular prices in DJ-Classifieds. Now you can set DJ-Classifieds to use Points/Credits only. DJ-Classifieds version 3.6.2 brings a feature that allows users to use only Points to pay for paid actions. Points can be used as regular currency. Every DJ-Classifieds element can have a price in points! Check the tutorial and learn how to disable regular prices and use Points/Credits only in DJ-Classifieds. ... Read More...
Category: Commercial Offers | Source: | VIEW View: 766
DJ-Classifieds comes with a Big Update, now you can do all the transactions within DJ-Classifieds using the points! The new 3.6.2 version brings 20 changes. Some of the new features are: Types support in subscriptions plans Possibility of Keeping the parent category when adding new one Possibility to use JomSocial to contact advertiser Possibility to display Category image as advert's image You can see all the changes in the changelog. Visit the Joomla classifieds extension s... Read More...
Category: Commercial Addons | Source: | VIEW View: 590
We just been released another JoomShopping add-on: it is a plugin that prevents adding an item to the cart again. The user will get a warning message informing that this item is already in the cart.... Read More...
Category: Commercial Addons | Source: | VIEW View: 598
We are glad to announce our second module for RD-Subscriptions - the best way to display products in various combinations. The module has lot of settings and you can set up your products look according to your needs. It is kind of "latest products" module, but much more extended.... Read More...
Category: Commercial Addons | Source: | VIEW View: 655
Love Factory new release!
Posted by thefactory (201) | 2017-03-03 04:54:17
We have performed some modifications on our most popular extensions for Joomla! and Love Factory made no exception. In version 4.4.9 we have implemented an online update system, to make the update process easier and smoother. To test Love Factory, please visit our Demo Server on Read More...
Category: Commercial Addons | Source: | VIEW View: 732
We are thrilled to announce a new payment plugin for RD-Subscriptions that allows you to accept secure payments via 2Checkout Inline mode without leaving your site.... Read More...
Category: Commercial Addons | Source: | VIEW View: 599
Today we are proud to announce a new payment plugin that provides 2Checkout integration to Hikashop. The plugin allows to accept secure payments in Inline Checkout mode without leaving your site. Just watch the video guide to see how it's easy to sell products with 2Checkout.... Read More...
Category: Commercial Addons | Source: | VIEW View: 579
Ajax App for DJ-Classifieds completely changes the way Joomla ads extension works. You can filter the search without site reloading. It also applies to searching, ordering, filtering and pagination. Read the tutorial and find out how AJAX App for DJ-Classifieds works. Check how to configure the app and how the frontend behaviour looks.... Read More...
Category: Joomla Tips and Tricks | Source: | VIEW View: 555
DJ-MediaTools version 2.9.1 is here
Posted by JoomlaMonster (219) | 2017-02-24 06:35:50
We've updated the Joomla gallery and slideshow extension to 2.9.1 version. It comes with a new feature - auto image orientation using EXIF data. This feature resolves the problem with images reported by the smartphone users. Update DJ-MediaTools brings also new 3 fixes. You can learn more about them here.... Read More...
Category: Commercial Addons | Source: | VIEW View: 597
New Ajax App for DJ-Classifieds!
Posted by JoomlaMonster (219) | 2017-02-21 07:51:24
Ajax Search App for DJ-Classifieds Joomla classifieds extension is available! Use this application to load categories, for pagination, filtering, and ordering. It changes the way DJ-Classifieds works. No more website reloading! Installing this app is very easy and it goes the same way as with any other Joomla extension. You can get Ajax app here.... Read More...
Category: Commercial Addons | Source: | VIEW View: 522
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