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Adding a Flash Banner to Your Joomla site
Posted by herdboy (4) | 2008-09-19 18:58:35
Many a Joomla web designer website owner has come across the problem of implementing a Flash banner into their website. Some have even given up on this idea after reading up on the difficulties encountered by others. With the flash module this all becomes a simple three step process. No more having to hard code into the index file and still wonder why it's not working as it should. All it takes is three simple steps....... Read More...
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There may come a time when you need to have a text link or image link open up an article in your Shadowbox/Lightbox. If you have a module inserted in an article using the Joomla loaposition plugin or a plugin like the YOOtheme YOOgallery plugin, you can also get these to display in the Shadowbox without having the rest of the page also showing...... Read More...
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You're sure to have noticed the animated favicons (favourite icons) that some sites show in the address bar of the browser.Its a common question you often come across. Firefox supports animated favicons but IE does not because of different protocols and also because IE is...well we all know that, so how do we get both static and animated favicons working on our sites at the same time ? Let us show you how with this simple tutorial...... Read More...
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Herdboy Web Design Studio
Posted by herdboy (4) | 2008-07-03 01:59:03
Not Familiar with Joomla or Commercial template or extension depolyments ? No Problem. Let us take care of all your needs. Special Retainer Club membership for web Designers and Website Owners. We are full customisation services for YOOtheme, Rockettheme and Shape5 products amongst others. You will also find free easy to use Joomla Tutorials on our site like the "Guide to using Shadowbox.js" and many others available to registered members for FREE.... Read More...
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