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DJ-EasyContact 1.4.5 version
Posted by JoomlaMonster (219) | 2017-06-12 07:15:42
DJ-EasyContact was updated and the multilanguage ReCaptcha feature was introduced. It means that now you can display ReCaptcha in your language when using our free Joomla contact module. The latest update brings also some changes and fixes - learn more from the blog post.... Read More...
Category: Free Addons | Source: | VIEW View: 64
This module for Joomla ads component allows showing statistics about the particular advert. You can show the stats to advert's author only or make it public. We encourage you to check the documentation where you can where you can find the important information about the features the module provides, see useful screenshots and link or the link to the demo. You need to know that this module can be downloaded by DJ-Classifieds active subscribers for free! Visit the DJ-Classifieds ... Read More...
Category: Commercial Addons | Source: | VIEW View: 277
DJ-Classifieds Admin Stats Module
Posted by JoomlaMonster (219) | 2017-06-05 03:41:40
We've prepared the article where you can find complete information about the Admin Stats Module for DJ-Classifieds Joomla ads extension. The article contains overview information - you can how the module looks from the backend. Another useful information is about the module installation process - the Joomla module is very easy to install. We've also included the part about module settings. Now you can see them all. Admin Stats Module is available for all active DJ-Classi... Read More...
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DJ-Events premiere
Posted by JoomlaMonster (219) | 2017-06-02 09:58:37
We've released a new free Joomla extension: DJ-Events (beta). It's an events management extension purposed to help you manage events and display them in Joomla component and modules. Events can contain descriptions, images and videos. You can allow your website's users to submit their own events as well. Visit the DJ-Events product page and check it's possibilities! ... Read More...
Category: Free Addons | Source: | VIEW View: 285
Joomla Gallery & slideshow extension was updated to 2.9.2 version that comes with new features and fixes issues. We've introduced the Better Album handling, so now you are able to edit the slide description along with the title. The Compatibility with EasyBlog 5.1+ was also added. We've fixed the keyboard navigation between items in items details view (modal view) in Firefox. Check change log for DJ-MediaTools 2.9.2 and see the full list of changes. Learn more about DJ-Me... Read More...
Category: Commercial Addons | Source: | VIEW View: 469
We've released new free payment plugin for DJ-Classifieds Joomla ads extension - QuickPay. It's the 19th payment method for DJ-Classifieds. This plugin is available for all active DJ-Classifieds subscribers for free and can be downloaded from the download section.... Read More...
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DJ-Suggester version 2.5.0 released.
Posted by JoomlaMonster (219) | 2017-05-08 03:44:05
An update of DJ-Suggester plugin for Joomla was just made. It comes with 4 fixes. We've improved the support for latest version of EasyBlog Joomla component (ver. 5.1+). All changes implemented for this version of DJ-Suggester are visible here. It's important to mention that DJ-Suggester is a Joomla plugin purposed to display a box with the suggested content from Joomla articles, K2, Easyblog, Zoo, DJ-Catalog2, DJ-Classifieds. Learn more about DJ-Suggester.... Read More...
Category: Commercial Addons | Source: Direct hit | VIEW View: 666
Updated version of catalog and directory extension is here. The latest update to ver 3.5.7 brings new features and fixes. It's important to mention that this version is fully tested and compatible with Joomla 3.7. Most important new functionalities are: Locations functionality - States - each country can have a subregion Remember Query Cart - this functionality was updated to use cookies. Search by location feature Possibility to set random items order Improved search feature Enh... Read More...
Category: Commercial Offers | Source: | VIEW View: 717
We've released the new app for Joomla ads extension. Search Alerts application allows users to use search filter and save own search criteria (it can contain different attributes like: custom fields, categories, locations and more). Users can manage their saved searches. Every new advert added that meets the saved criteria, will cause an immediate reaction for Search Alert App that will send the information to user's email address. DJ-Classifieds component was just updated t... Read More...
Category: Commercial Addons | Source: | VIEW View: 835
We've just released JM Amp - a powerful Joomla theme plugin created for an wbAMP extension. Now you can generate AMP version of your Joomla website content. Your website will be indexed by Google automatically through meta tag submission and you can be sure that it will load almost like lightning on mobile devices. AMP is really very fast! This theme plugin comes with many useful options that allow customising the fonts and colours of AMP pages. What should you know about AMP? Th... Read More...
Category: Commercial Addons | Source: | VIEW View: 811
DJ-MegaMenu 3.5.2 version is here!
Posted by JoomlaMonster (219) | 2017-04-03 02:42:53
We've just updated DJ-MegaMenu Joomla menu system extension. Latest 3.5.2 version of Free and Pro DJ-MegaMenu comes with a full support for Joomla 3.7! Besides that there are two new CSS classes added to the code. That's not all - 2 minor fixes were implemented. ... Read More...
Category: Commercial Addons | Source: | VIEW View: 857
DJ-Classifieds ver. 3.6.3
Posted by JoomlaMonster (219) | 2017-03-31 04:44:39
The new version of DJ-Classifieds component is now available! The 3.6.3 update of Joomla ads extension introduces a new feature: AMP support. We've added the plugin with whom you can benefit AMP pages for DJ-Classifieds. It's a theme for a wbAMP extension which handles Joomla pages with AMP. Latest DJ-Classifieds 3.6.3 version brings also 3 fixes. ... Read More...
Category: Commercial Addons | Source: | VIEW View: 788
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