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Mighty Analytics v3.0x is a new version of well known data analytic component from Mighty Extensions. Comparing to Mighty Analytics v2.0x, which already became frontend oriented and reports were made available for frontend users, this new version became fully multiuser. Besides there were reduced the number of report plugins but reports now contain more data. Users may now switch to different types of charts within one report. Improved reports user access. Mighty Analytics is the best solu... Read More...
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Double Your Commissions with Mighty Partner
Posted by Mighty (27) | 2010-06-10 02:56:43
Mighty Extensions launches new joint affiliate program. Now you can use one affiliate account to earn with both – Mighty Template Joomla templates and Mighty Extensions Joomla components. Mighty Partner program is easy to use and is a good way of earning without effort. All you need is to join our Mighty Partner and place an affiliate link on your site or in a newsletter. Every product sale managed by you will bring you 15% of the product price. You will get an unique link and a bunch of bann... Read More...
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Mighty Resources 1.5 is released! Isn’t it a great news? New Mighty Resources leaves all competitors far away behind as it is the most advanced and powerful CCK component in Joomla! world today. This release is the very significant for Joomla! Community as you will not find any component that unifies that much features as Mighty Resources v1.5 does. First we want to make our clients glad because we made new Mighty Resources v1.5 fully front-end oriented. Though it had already frontend fea... Read More...
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We are happy to announce release of new Mighty Defender 3.0! The new and improved version of Mighty Defender provides ultimate protection against hacker attacks, scans and monitors your web site's filesystem and alerts you if something goes wrong. The most of the codebase has been rewritten, in order to provide you with more functionality and usability, making new Mighty Defender 3.0 a bullet-proof solution. To know more about new features and functionality of Mighty Defender go to t... Read More...
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Mighty Extensions have created Mighty Analytics plug-ins for JSeblod, Zoo, K2 and SOBI2. And just what is Mighty Analytics? Mighty Analytics is the best solution available for complete analysis of your Joomla website. Mighty Analytics is modular by design and infinitely expandable, all functionality is provided by plug-ins which create the analytic reports. The number of plug-ins available continues to grow and today we introduce four new plug-ins for the well known CCK (Content Creat... Read More...
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Since Mighty Membership is one of our first products its functionality is so mature and stable that we could hardly invent more features to implement. Nowadays we can say not without reason that choosing Mighty Membership you get the most powerful solution for subscription based website among existent. Based on research we conveyed on the market we released a new version of Mighty Membership with few more features. The main feature I want to mark out is a great ‘Auto Content Delivery’. ... Read More...
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Mighty Analytics is a great component to analyze your Joomla site data in Flash diagrams. The component is very flexible. The plugin system allows creating analytic reports for any possible component. Now you can download free plugins to create analytic reports for Core Joomla Article Manager, Core Joomla User and Community Builder. With the help of new plugins you can: Show user registration progress based on Joomla core user table. Shows report on last login value. See how often users... Read More...
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The modern world is the world of information which is useless if it is not analyzed. The great news is that Mighty Extensions release Mighty Analytics 2.0. Now this advanced component even more functional and full-fledged. Mighty Analytics is a must-have component for any business. It is an ultimate tool to make detailed analysis of your web data. Its uniqueness consists in ability to create reports for every component. This task is fulfilled by means of plugins that can be created for a... Read More...
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Sijio Version 1.0.1 Release
Posted by Mighty (27) | 2009-12-15 01:21:49
Sijio Community Software version 1.0.1 had been released. The main feature of the new version is a handy installation script. Now you can easily install the software by yourself. It is really very easy. The other useful features are captcha in registration form and displaying of blogs and topics of subcategories during a category browsing. The new version also contains a lot of visual improvements and a few bug fixes. You can find a list with all features on the change log page. There you can al... Read More...
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Sijio is a PHP
Posted by Mighty (27) | 2009-12-07 21:42:36
Sijio is a PHP based fast, high performance, easy to use and fully customizable social networking platform with open source code. It is equipped with all necessary professional tools and features to run a full fledged community site. No one has anything similar. Using this platform you can work wonders. It will change the whole web industry. It will change the whole world... Hurry to get it. ... Read More...
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Analytics 2.0 early preview
Posted by Mighty (27) | 2009-11-26 23:58:02
Analytic 2.0 is going to be next generation site analysis. It will allow visitors of the sites not only to see publicly available reports but generate private reports. Private report will show analytics only on data posted, viewed, commented, ... by currently loged in user. Something like "Statuses of my tickets in support desk" or "Seller sales" or "Order statuses". Yes text means a lot, but chart diagrams sometimes may say more about your site then any advertis... Read More...
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JoomSuite – Professional Joomla Components developers are happy to announce that one of the best Joomla components JoomSuite Resource is released under the GNU GPL license and is distributed for free. JoomSuite Resource is a unique component that allows to create diverse set of content types within one application. You can create Video, Audio, Trade lead, Property, Business listings, Download, Gallery, Product, Blog posts on your site using just one component and that is not the limit. J... Read More...
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