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A FireBoard Template by IceTheme
Posted by alvini (4) | 2009-01-14 05:28:17
IceTheme for January 09 has made a template - IT Habitat and it includes a modified template for FireBoard component. The template features several color schemes as well as the FireBoard theme. Take the time to view the Demo at:: ... Read More...
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Free Addons Content Poll is Joomla 1.5 content plugin which allows you to insert Joomla Polls to your Joomla articles and Fireboard replies.... Read More...
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FireBoard 1.0.5 RC2 is released
Posted by fxstein (1) | 2008-10-09 08:08:13
Just posted the final release candidate build 1.0.5RC2 on This is already the best, most stable production build ever. Upgrade today!... Read More...
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Discussion of SEO for Fireboard Forums
Posted by ekal (21) | 2008-10-07 16:28:03
Tips and tricks for optimizing your Fireboard form for good rankings.... Read More...
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Herdboy Web Design Studio
Posted by herdboy (4) | 2008-07-03 01:59:03
Not Familiar with Joomla or Commercial template or extension depolyments ? No Problem. Let us take care of all your needs. Special Retainer Club membership for web Designers and Website Owners. We are full customisation services for YOOtheme, Rockettheme and Shape5 products amongst others. You will also find free easy to use Joomla Tutorials on our site like the "Guide to using Shadowbox.js" and many others available to registered members for FREE.... Read More...
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New & existing user guide
Posted by celius (1) | 2008-06-09 16:51:52
General News and Events A new guide site. Another one you say? Well.. yeah. Joomla is such a great tool and there are alot of new users getting into it. We provide a easy way into Joomla world and support and encourage them to get their site online. As we cover the most simple parts of getting a Joomla site up we will focus more on the regular Joomla users. All the guides are provided for free. In the start up phase we are running several contest and have alot of nice rewards going from RocketTheme, JoomlArt and SE... Read More...
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Free Addons e107 to joomla/fireboard converter is a free joomla 1.0.x component which allows users to convert data from e017 cms to joomla/fireboard forum . The features of the component including : 1. Convert all e107 cms users to joomla/fireboard users 2. Convert all e107 cms news categories to joomlacategories 3. Convert all e107 news/stories to joomla articles 4. Convert all e107 forum categories to fireboard categories 5. Convert all e107 forum posts to fireboard posts 6. Convert all e107 forum... Read More...
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Free Addons Our team are proud of informing you that the SMF to Fireboard converter component is released today . This is the first extension in series of free extensions will be developed by our team . As promised, the features of the component including : 1. Convert all smf forum users to joomla/fireboard users 2. Convert all smf forum categories/board to fireboard categories 3. Convert all smf forum posts to fireboard posts 4. Convert all smf forum attachments to fireaboard attachments.... Read More...
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I was planning to write a list of must-install-CMP(Component, Modules & Plugins) for Joomla 1.0.x and 1.5.x. However after a disastrous migration last night (I forgot to download a backup of my /images folder!), I decided to just list 1.0.x compatible first. For new Joomla users, I reckon that its better for you to make yourselves familiar with Joomla 1.0.x first before moving to 1.5.x. The justification is simple, presently there is more components for 1.0.x available than for 1.5.x, and... Read More...
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Posted by elfRank (2) | 2007-12-01 10:47:15
cocolilo is a site for families who are living in Majorka/Spain with local contents and forum. Coming soon with Fireboard forum.... Read More...
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