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Joomlina Maintenance Suite
Developer: Realtyna (Joomlina) Inc.
Views: 4268
Version: 1.0.3 (last update on 2009-10-06 02:28:53)
Compability: 15legacy 15native 
Type: Commercial
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Realtyna(Joomlina) Maintenance Suite for Joomla

Realtyna has recently released a new Joomla Component called Realtyna Maintenance Suite for Joomla.
This new product is including their best-seller product Magic Updater Multi-Site Manager plus some other Tools and Components which make this product a suitable and convenient option for webmasters and administrators who are managing more than one Joomla Installation.

Realtyna Maintenance Suite is including the following Components and Tools:

1- Magic Updater Multi-site Manager
2- Realtyna Text-Link Manager
3-Remote Database / File Backup & Download Tools
4-Displaying Critical Information about Remote Sites like Database Size, Temp Folder Size, Log Folder Sizes of Remote websites
5-Clearing Cache & Temp Folders Remotely
6-Displays the Response Time to Remote Joomla Sites
7-Displaying Process time for Update, Backup and Clearing Actions

Realtyna Maintenance Suite for Joomla consists of a Component and a Plug-in. The component should be installed on the Joomla Site that you want to use as your Central Management Place (It can even be installed on a Local Joomla Installation). The Plug-in should be installed on the websites that you want to manage.

This is how the Management Panel looks like after proper installation and configuration of the component and plug-ins:

As you can see from this panel you can have a complete management overview on multiple websites which ensures the Sanity of them at all times. Information like the files/database/cache folder sizes or the server Response-times or even the Joomla Version of your websites is critical information that you need to have access to immediately. With RMS it is not necessary for you to go and check each of your websites one-by-one to gather this information. You will have access to all the information from a single control panel.

On the other hand, there are some useful Tools that can be used to fix some of these problems remotely and with a single click which is very convenient and time-saving. You can use RMS for carrying out the following Administrative Tasks:
1- Deleting an oversized Temp folder or Cache files.
2- Automatic Update of the Joomla Core of Remote websites
3- Backup Files & Database
4- Viewing and Managing all the Text-Links in your multiple websites from a single panel.
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