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Community ACL
Developer: 'corePHP'
Views: 8522
Version: (last update on 2012-04-09 15:09:12)
Compability: 15native 
Type: Commercial
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ACL (Access Control List) components allow you to give your users certain access privileges when they log into your site. Community ACL allows you to quickly and easily sort your users into groups and give them different roles. You can define what they have permission to edit, add, publish, and so forth - and tailor it to the needs of your site. Websites for High Schools might have groups called 'Teachers' and 'Students' that allow teachers to add and edit grades and students to view them. Online stores might separate shoppers, vendors and administrators into different groups to allow them to purchase items, post content or maintain their site. People who form groups on Facebook use a component similar to Community ACL when they decide what members get to be group administrators, what members can post text or pictures, and what members are only allowed to view their information. How you use Community ACL is limited only by your imagination! To see how it works, check out our DEMO .

Overall Configuration
* DEFINE Groups, Roles and Functions!
Community ACL is the perfect solution for any website that requires users to log in and access information. Simply define what groups you need and how they are allowed to access your website or utilize the components you've added on. The possibilities are endless!
* SYNCHRONIZE Community ACL with your other sites for faster site administration!
o Our powerful Multi-Site Sync allows you to synchronize your Community ACL settings with multiple websites. Any changes you make to Community ACL on your master site will immediately be applied to the other websites you own, saving you valuable time and energy!
* ALLOW OR DENY users access to your site by default!
o Need your users off your site for a while? Need to restrict access to a certain group? Community ACL allows you to instantly "Default Allow" or "Default Deny" access to users. (This comes in handy when schools restrict access to their site over the summer, when websites are being updated, and much more.)
* ENJOY powerful communication between Community Builder and Community ACL!
o Decide on what groiups, roles and functions you need for your new users. Community ACL will automatically assign all newly registered users into the groups, roles and functions that you specified, so you don't have to set them individually each time a new user registers for your site. If you are one of the many who uses Community Builder, Community ACL is THE ACL component for you!
* ENJOY powerful communication between JomSocial and Community ACL!
o Enjoy Social Networking for Joomla? Use Community ACL to control user access to specific areas of JomSocial! For quick, easy and accurate communication, it's is the only way to go!
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