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Developer: 'corePHP'
Views: 3238
Version: 1.2.0 (last update on 2012-04-09 15:07:40)
Compability: 15native 16native 17native 
Type: Commercial
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Drastically speed up your page load!

jomCDN allows you to maximize bandwidth and load speed so clients around the world have instant access to your site.

A content delivery network, or content distribution network (CDN) is a system of computers located worldwide that contain copies of data. Each client accesses the copy of the data that is nearest to them instead of pulling it directly from your central server. This speeds up load time and eliminates bottlenecking! jomCDN automatically compiles the assets (images, javascript files, css files, etc.), synchs them to Amazon servers and automatically relinks all your page content to the Amazon servers. jomCDN is built specifically for Joomla! and is guaranteed to speed up your website and reduce your server's bandwidth.

Location-based server load

Content is loaded from the client's nearest server location to maximize load speed.
Improved site performance

jomCDN instantly improves your overall site performance (see Grade A in YSlow or significant Google Page Speed improvements).
Improved conversion rates

Research shows that a slow loading website will lose visitors. If visitors equal sales for your website, you can't afford to lose a single one! When pages load faster, visitors stay longer and click on more pages. In 2009 Akamai revealed in a study that the new threshold for ecommerce sites is 2 seconds. That means if a visitor does not see the page in 2 seconds, they're likely to leave! Additionally, Google will penalize your page rank if your website loads slowly. Don't risk it! Get jomCDN today.
Improve your SEO

Enjoy SEO improvements in Google's site ranking
Powerful page caching

Once a page is loaded, clients will have "instant" second page views (browser will cache after the first page view).
More page views!

Reduced page load time, meaning visitors will view more pages and stay on your site longer.
Increase server performance

Improved web server performance (can better sustain high traffic periods).
Reduce bandwidth by 80% with HTTP Compression

Receive up to 80% bandwidth savings via minify and HTTP compression of CSS and JavaScript files.
Technical Jargon

* Objects have Etags.
* CSS and JavaScript files are minified and gzipped.
* Expires and Cache-Control headers are set for all objects.
* Supported file types: jpg, jpeg, png, gif, css, js, ico, htc, more to come!
* CloudFront service is not required, you can use S3 on its own.
* CloudFront and S3 are cookie free domains, therefore minimizing the request size.

jomCDN supports Amazon S3 and Amazon CloudFront.

Please note: Amazon S3 and CloudFront have a minimal monthly charge. This charge is not included with the price of our subscription and will need to be paid directly to Amazon. The cost is minimal. Although it varies, we at 'corePHP' have not paid more than $2 USD per month for both services combined. See Amazon S3 and CloudFront for pricing information.
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