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Developer: 'corePHP'
Views: 8030
Version: 1.0.12 (last update on 2012-04-09 15:11:02)
Compability: 15native 
Type: Commercial
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The power of Drupal now integrated into Joomla!

Let's face it, Drupal may be powerful & flexible, but many find it complicated to learn and lacking good, quality 3rd party templates & extensions. Joomla, on the other hand, has thousands of great templates & extensions, is easy to learn, but lacks some key features that many feel are essential in order to build a modern website ó such as a powerful blogging engine, nested categories, a built-in download manager/document repository, CCK abilities (easily move content around), and many other features already found in Drupal.

- Zoo, K2 & Droomla... all powerful content builders!
There are a handful of powerful CCK's (content construction kits) available for Joomla! Rethink what you know of Drupal and imagine it as the most powerful CCK available for Joomla! Drupal has been in the top 3 of open-source CMS's for years, mostly because of it's incredible content creation abilities. It is constantly being developed further and has a very large user base.

- Easily Migrate a Drupal site to Joomla!
Whether you are a Drupal fan or not, you have to admit there are opportunities to get new clients if you could migrate a Drupal site into Joomla!. Your customers don't have to learn a new interface for their content and you can use the CMS you know and love. No need to learn how to build Drupal templates either since it completely integrates into your Joomla! template.


- A much more powerful & robust Blog for your site!
Easily build a professional blog that comes standard with features currently missing from Joomla--such as built-in commenting, tags, sharing & bookmarks. No more need to buy & configure pricey 3rd party social/commenting add-ons for your Joomla Blog. Itís already built into Droomla.

- A Product Catalog for your store!
Easily create and manage a catalog of products and sell them through merchant accounts like PayPal or Google Checkout. Joomla cannot do this very well, but by harnessing the power of Drupal add-ons inside Joomla, creating your own store is a snap.

- Unlimited Nested Categories capability!
Why is this important? Now you can easily add subcategories to your news, blog posts, directories & product catalogs for better browsing and SEO!

- Manage downloads or documents
Give your users a way to securely download media, white papers & documents on your site. Joomla cannot do this out of the box, but it sure can with Droomla!

- JCE editor inside Droomla
One of the major drawbacks of Drupal is the content editors that are available for it. Since we are use to the power and flexibility of JCE, we added support for it to work inside of Droomla so you won't miss a beat when writing content.

- Joomla! Template Integration & Layout Control
We have made sure that Droomla integrates as seamless as possible with your Joomla! template. For layout control the CCK area is incredibly powerful inside Droomla. You can create your layouts and such on the fly and all modules harness the core functionality.
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