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Files Seller - Documents Seller
Developer: JoomSeller Solutions
Views: 19117
Version: 1.6.29 (last update on 2012-08-14 02:38:34)
Compability: 17native 
Type: Commercial
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Why File Seller?
- If you have so many software products (Joomla™ extensions, Magento extensions, … ) and files such as documents, eBooks, mp3, etc and you want to present them to everyone, to let them know and buy your products? It’s time for you to find a tool which can help you fully and automatically with this task. That is why we developed File Seller.
- File Seller help you to manage your documents very effectively with multiple level categories system and visual administration interface.
- Compatibility with Joomla™ 1.7 and Joomla™ 2.5, designed with multiple templates system.
- Multiple payment methods plugin system, so developer can create new payment method easily without to change any component core.

Quick installation guide:
- First, you will need a website running with Joomla™. Then, process installation for Fila Seller. Installation steps can be seen in file installation.doc or by clicking on installation button.
- Next, you need to set default configuration for the system: you can find steps of configuration in installation file or change installed default configuration setting.
- You need to create your products’ categories and then add products’ information in Products section.
- Create features and supported types for your system.

How does it work?
- Customers visit your website, they can find information of products and then add chosen products to their shopping cart (Customers can use the feature Add to Wishlist for the products to be saved in wish list and they can buy those products afterward).
- Customers can download free products by clicking on Download button (for free products, “Add to cart” button will be replaced by Download button)
- Customers can fill in the transaction information (Billing information, Payment information) and process payment.
- After payment is successfully processed, administrator will receive a notification of the order and customers will be given an Invoice for their order.
- After that, customers can download the product at any time by logging in the website and accessing “My Order” link to see details of their order or download that product. Of course, administrator can configure to limit time in downloading the product or times to download one product.
- Administrator can control the number of download by download logs in Backend, and can manage all orders.

Features of File Seller
Virtuemart Integration: With new release version 1.6.16, now FileSeller will allow you import products from Virtuemart to FileSeller products system, so it is very useful if you want upgrade your store to new selling system.

Multiple Categories system: this is a very useful feature for you when creating multi-level categories for your products. Now you can decentralize your categories in tree – shaped structure without any obstacles caused by Joomla™.
Coupon Code System: this is very useful feature, you can you can also provide discount code for your customers, so they get more discounts than. The coupon code can be define by percent or total amount.

Multiple Templates system: this feature is very helpful to you, and it can help you to create an abundant product selling interface which is totally different in comparison with other websites. If you want to change File Seller’s interface, it is very easy. You just need to copy folder “components/com_zj_fileseller/templates/default” to “components/com_zj_fileseller/templates/yourtemplate” and then change the interface in folder “yourtemplate”. You are not required to know about programming. All needed is little experiences in using HTML & CSS and then you can customize your interface easily. At present, in the interface page for displaying products, we provide you with 4 layouts and 4 different displaying styles:
+ Default layout: displaying each product in a line and showing that product’s key information.
+ Blog layout: displaying products as blog: column, number, intro, heading…
+ Thumbnail layout: displaying products as thumbnail, price and “Add to cart” button
+ Table layout: displaying products in a table, with short information about those products.

Product management: File Seller allows you to upload files, description, addition information, gallery, change logs, showcase, quick links (documents, installation, live demo, …), setup price, download restrictions, meta keywords, meta description, select features for products, select types for products (Joomla™ 1.5 native, Joomla™ 1.6 native, Magento,…).

Discount management: you have a sale-off for your products - that is when you need discount feature. You can make discount for each product or set discount for all of your products (in general configuration section).

Flexible download restrictions: For paid documents, you can setup download restriction to un-limited (lifetime download), or limit download by time (once customers paid for the document, they can download the document in a time range), or by number of downloads (paid customers can only download the purchased documents in a number of times).

Multi-payment gateways support: Currently, File Seller is being supported by PayPal, 2CheckOut and Moneybookers payment gateways. We will continue on working and adding more payment gateways for this product in the near future.

Order management: you can manage all orders in backend and can evaluate the number of orders or which products are the most wanted

Powerful tags system: You can add tags for your documents. These tags will be displayed in document detail page and in a module. When customers click on one tag, all the documents which have this tag will be displayed.

Shopping cartsystem: Your customers can add multiple products to the cart and manage them (add/delete) before process to check out to get download links.

Flexible config options: There are many config options which can be changed from File Seller Backend. That makes File Seller become a flexible extension. Some of the important config parameters are:
+ General Configuration: Setting general configuration for your File Seller system (We created a default configuration when installing, you can change it yourself easily).
+ Email: Setting emails when customers order products, when they pay successfully for their products… you can use tags like {full_info}, {payment_method}, {order_name},…in email to get dynamic information for email.
+ Message: Displaying notification when customers pay successfully, or cancel their payment.
+ Permission & Integration: Mapping between fields on order form and JomSocial or Community Builder and setting permission for users.

JomSocial integration: Auto-fill fields on order form (first name, last name,…) from data stored in JomSocial profile so that user won’t have to re-enter these essential data .

Community member integration: Auto-fill fields on donation form (first name, last name …) from data stored in CB profile so that user won’t have to re-enter these essential data.

jNews Newsletter integration: File Seller allows you to add user (who purchased for products) add to a jNews Newsletter and you can send email to them when you have new update or new notice for those products.

SH404SEF plugin: allows you to use friendly URL by SH404SEF component to SEO for your products.
Social Share buttons: Users can share products with their friends through many social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.

100% MVC model: as you already know, Joomla™ does not use entirely MVC model, but for File Seller, it does. And if you are a developer, it is extremely easy to understand as for you to customize in both backend and frontend.

If you need a JomSocial Points redeem payment plugin, please click here:
This extension requires registration to download.
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