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JS Facebook Social Comments
Developer: JoomSeller Solutions
Views: 12686
Version: 1.5 (last update on 2012-08-14 03:41:17)
Compability: 15native 16native 17native 
Type: Commercial
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The Facebook Comments now available for Joomla 1.7 & 2.5.

Global Configuration

- Show comments: set "All Articles" if you want show facebook comment on your articles, set "Setting Bellow" to select for Sections or Categories or Articles
- Show on Frontpage: Show or hide comments on Frontpage (Homepage)
- Show on Blog layout: Show or hide comments on Blog layout
- Integration custom components: Integration Custom Components allows you to integrate comment to custom component, to check the sample integration file please follow this file {plugins/content/facebook_comment/exts/com_sample.php}

Advance Configuration

- Application ID: your Facebook comment Application ID. For more details, please follow this link to make an your Application ID:
- Secret Key: Your facebook comment Application secret key, {importaint information} please fill this box (Required information if you turn on count comments function)
- Num of Comments: The comment to show on each page or 0 to hide all comments, default is 10
- Comment width: The width of the Comments Box in pixels (Default: 450px).
- Show Graybox: Show or hide gray box on comment box, see demo at
- Reverse Ordering: Reverses order of comments so the most recent one appears at the bottom of the list and the input box appears at the bottom of the page (Default: No).
- Publish feed check box: Indicates whether the Post comment to my Facebook profile check box is checked. If not checked, the user must check the check box before the comment can be published to a user's Feed. The comment must be at least 5 words in length in order to be published to Feed (Default: Checked).
- Comment language: configure language for the comment by joomla site language, users browser language, or choose one
- Custom CSS: Use Custom CSS styling specified below or use Facebook default CSS styling (Default: No).
- Show like button: show or hide LIKE button for comment box.
- Show faces: Show or Hide your face under "Like" button
- Like button style: custom css for "Like" button, please use firebug on fire fox to see all the div tags for this box. Only use this feature if you are an expert in CSS style
- Show comment: Show or Hide comment box, if choose "Hide", you can use this plugin as a Facebook like button for your article.
- Show pagination: show or hide page navigation for comment
- Comment Style: custom css for "Comment" box, please use firebug on fire fox to see all the div tags for this box. Only use this feature if you are an expert in CSS style
- Debug: this parameter can help you to see the source code of comment box.
- Time Stamps: refresh for each time you configure this plug-in (make secure for your site)

- Custom components are including

+ Com Myblog
+ Com K2
+ Com Virtuemart
+ Com Eventlist
+ And almost component integration for you with small hack at the code with 3 lines only.

To use this plugin for any custom component. Just add this code follow to anywhere of your custom component
// Integrate Facebook Comment
$facebookcomment_lib = JPATH_PLUGINS.DS.'content'.DS.'facebook_comment'.DS.'libraries'.DS.'libraries'.DS.'facebook_comment_api.php';

if (file_exists($facebookcomment_lib)) {
$uri = &JURI::getInstance();
$base = $uri->toString(array('scheme', 'host', 'port'));
$option = ''; //Your component here, ex: com_content
$view = ''; //Your view ex: article
$id = ''; //your item id
$itemid = ''; //your menu itemid
$url = $base . JRoute::_('index.php?option='.$option.'&view='.$view.'&id='.$id.'&Itemid='.$itemid, false);
$params = new JObject();
$fbc = new Facebook_CommentAPI(array( 'option' => $option, 'url' => $url, 'debug' => 0 ), &$params);
echo $comment = $fbc->getComment();
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