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Joomla - phpBB3 bridge: p8pbb bridge
Developer: AlterBrains
Views: 22317
Version: 1.4.0 (last update on 2012-11-28 19:53:14)
Compability: 15native 17native 
Type: Commercial
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- Complete bi-directional integration of phpBB3 forum with Joomla! CMS.
- Forum is displayed inside Joomla! template as usual component.
- No hacks of core files.
- Powerful FireBoard-to-phpBB3 forum and Joomla!-to-phpBB3 users converters with Community Builder avatars support. Joomla-to-phpBB users importer.
- SEF URLs and enchanced SEO for the forum.
- Basic forum customization and modification options.
- Advanced Community Builder and JomSocial synchronization

More Features

* Installed as usual Joomla! extension
* Works in wrapped mode (displays phpBB as usual Joomla! component inside your Joomla! template, special phpBB templates are required) and in standalone mode (any phpBB template can be used)
* No hacks to Joomla! or phpBB3 is required
* Bi-directional synching of login/logout in either Joomla! or phpbb Bi-directional synchronization of registrations in either Joomla! or phpbb
* Bi-directional synching of changing profile data in either Joomla! or phpbb including language and timezone settings
* Bi-directional synching of Backend user manager in either Joomla! or phpBB (add/edit/delete/block/unblock/activate actions)
* Silent account transfer of either Joomla! or phpBB user after logging in either Joomla! or phpBB
* Most phpBB profile-related changes are triggered by Joomla! user plugins - certain Joomla! 3rd-party extensions are able to synchronize the profile data after changing forum profile
* SEF URLs (not all and not 100%)
* Extra SEO features: using forum's descriptions and topics first post as meta description
* Forum titles aliases for URLs
* Configurable page title structure - ability to choose first word
* Ability to skip phpbb info pages after login/logout in the forum
* Joomla! pathway can be inherited from phpBB
* Ability to use Joomla! articles as phpBB registration introtext, "Terms of use" and "Privacy policy" text
* Ability to store phpBB avatar data in jos_users table
* Ability to assign any phpBB custom profile field to Joomla! "Name" field
* Ability to redirect phpBB registration and lost password to Joomla! equivalents, phpBB profile to any URL
* phpBB login and registration restrictions are applied in Joomla!
* Integration of WebSnapr bubbling screenshots for the links in topic posts
* Community Builder support (users created and deleted in the forum are created and deleted in Community Builder), still experimental
* Support of registration in JomSocial (users registered in JomSocial are created in phpBB)
* RSS feeds of latest topics and posts
* Powerful Fireboard-to-phpBB3 forum converter (FireBoard 1.0.3-1.0.5RC1 or Kunena 1.0.8b are supported)
* Powerful Joomla!-to-phpBB3 users converter with CB avatars support
* Fast and elegant, no additional database queries are executed upon none-account related actions
* Detailed installation instructions supplied
* + modules
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