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ARI Smart Content
Developer: ARI Soft
Views: 6763
Version: 1.7.3 (last update on 2009-11-11 13:14:26)
Compability: 10 15legacy 15native 
Type: Commercial
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ARI Smart Content 1.7.3 is available. It contains updated ARI SQL Table and ARI CSV Table plugins. Now they supports virtual columns. This possibility helps create virtual columns which values are based on existing column. It also contains other improvements such as advanced styling, column span management and positions management.

ARI Smart Content is a Joomla! component which can help you to make the content of your site more attractive and user-friendly. Idea of ARI Smart content is to create a pluggable tool that combines various content effects like: accordion, tabs, popup, scrollers, news sliders, table wrappers, graphs, charts, pies and many other. You don't need technical knowledge to use the power of different pluggable effects in your Joomla! system. More over, you don't need to find and pay for different Joomla! components such as Joomla! tabs component, accordion component, lightbox component, Joomla! newsslider component, CSV extension and other. Now you receive it in one package and pay only once, the component is also expandable and it allows to add new plugins. It comes with module where you can type plugin tags and display this content on your site. ARI Smart Content contains the following plugins for customizing your Joomla! content:

* ARI Fancy Thumbnail provides ability to create thumbnails for images and shows it in in a Mac-style popup. You can use it in your Joomla! articles and content for creating simple image gallery or showing single image thumbnail in popup. It contains some options for customization.
* ARI JZoom lets you to show a magnifier window near the image. It can create thumbnails for zooming images automatically. You can use it for showing parts of needed image in more detail.
* ARI Magnifier is plugin which brings nice magnification effect to your images and lets you view pictures in detail, also it provides ability for creating thumbnails.
* ARI JAccordion allows you to provide multiple panes and display them one or many at a time, in other words it provides accordion functionality for Joomla. It contains many settings which help you to tuning it for your purpose. Moreover, this plugin provides ability populate accordion news from your Joomla system.
* ARI JCSV2Table converts .CSV file to HTML table with the help of jQuery plugin. It can be used for displaying content of CVS (comma separated values) file as a table in Joomla article.
* ARI CSV Table renders HTML table in your Joomla content by data from .CSV file. For example you can use it for displaing price lists from .CSV file on your web-site and for updating this price list, you only need to change CSV file. It can be wrapped by other plugins, for example ARI JDataTable plugin for creating filter, sorting and other useful possiblities for working with data.
* ARI JDataTable helps to add different useful possibilities for working with data in table such as filter, sorting, paging and other to HTML table in your Joomla site content.
* ARI JFancyBox is used for displaying image(s) or any content in a Mac-style popup. It's a very stylish popup for your Joomla! system and it does your content more attractive.
* ARI JFlexGrid creates data grid with resizable columns and a scrolling data to match the headers from HTML table.
* ARI JScroller provides ability for scrolling any HTML content in Joomla articles.
* ARI JTableSorter is plugin for turning a standard HTML table into a sortable table without page refreshes, also it provides multi-sorting.
* ARI JTabView is another tabs plugin for Joomla. It is used to separate content of Joomla article into multiple sections that can be swapped to save space. It contains tons of options. Moreover, this plugin provides posibility fill tabs articles from your Joomla system.
* ARI MooTable wraps HTML table and brings filtering, sorting and scrolling functionalities for table.
* ARI SQL Table renders HTML table in Joomla content by data from SQL query. It can be wrapped by tables plugin such as ARI JDataTable, ARI JTableSort and etc.
* ARI JDialog can create a floating window in Joomla system that contains a title bar and a content area. The dialog window can be moved, resized and closed. It can contain any HTML content.
* ARI MooNewsTicker can scroll content blocks or articles from your Joomla system. It contains different options for customizing articles that should take part in Joomla articles slideshow.
* ARI JNews Slider is another plugin for scrolling content blocks or articles from your Joomla system. It contains different options for configuring articles that should take part in Joomla articles slideshow.
* ARI JTruncate provides simple yet customizable truncation for text entities in your web page. Can show only part of text and show full text on demand. Can be useful for large Joomla articles.
* ARI JReflection allows you to add instantaneous reflection effects to images from your Joomla articles in modern browsers.
* ARI JCarousel 3D creates images carousel from image folder or VirtueMart catalog.
* ARI JTooltip displays stylish tooltip instead of the default one for every needed element.
* ARI Linkifier replaces links and emails in text of your Joomla article to its HTML representation.
* ARI Typeface displays text in appropriate font using canvas tag. Provides replacement for sIFR for your Joomla system, it uses only JavaScript and HTML instead of Flash.
* ARI ZohoSheet is a bridge between Zoho Sheets and your Joomla system. Embeds online sheets to your site.
* ARI ZohoShow is a bridge between Zoho Show and your Joomla system. Embeds online presentations into your site - online equivalent of Microsoft Powerpoint or Open Office Impress. Creates, imports and publishes presentations online and lets your Joomla! users to see them.
* ARI JData Visualizer creates graphs and charts based on data from HTML tables.
* ARI 3D Chart creates 3D graphs from inline data or CSV files.
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