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This extension has also been listed in the official Joomla Extensions Directory(JED) list. We recommend checking JED list as well.
jSeblod CCK, Universal Joomla Content Construction Kit
Developer: jSeblod
Views: 11526
Version: 1.7 RC3 (last update on 2010-09-01 14:06:24)
Compability: 15legacy 15native 
Type: Non-Commercial
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UNIVERSAL extension for customized content type construction. EXTENDS core content and FULL INTEGRATED! NO HACK! Manages and generates content entry forms on the administration interface (back-end) and on the website (front-end). Advanced Search and List features.


Natively compatible with all Joomla extensions.

* Repeatable, Draggable & Droppable Group of Fields

* Multi-criteria Search and List Manager *
Manage advanced & multi criteria List and/or Search Views
Alias Field to change the display of a field between Content Search Form
Automatic and Custom List Template

* Content Manager *
Extends the Joomla article manager to a content manager
Select a content type (article, blog, recipe, portfolio ...)
Add fields to your traditional articles
Use all the modules and extensions for the articles
Fully integrated to the Joomla article management, you keep the same administration

* Category Manager *
Extend the Joomla category manager
Add fields to a category
Sub-categories management (nested category)
Front-end category creation
Compatible with all Joomla extensions which use Joomla categories

* Translation Manager *
Manage your translations with Joomfish directly in Joomla Articles Manager.

* Community Manager *
Extend the User Management of Joomla to community manager
Add fields to the registration and / or to the user profile
Integration of Joomla users to the administration interface
Registration and multiple lists
Management of personal content

* Content type manager *
Build, Customize, Present, Use, Exchange content types
Types of content: Joomla Article, Mini-Article, Blog, Portfolio, Business Card, Recipe...

* Form manager *
Form creation
Submission of forms on the web site part (front end) and on the administration part (back end)
Display and editing of typed-in data on the website (front end) and on the administration interface (back end)
Automatic and customized template

* Field Manager *
More than 40 types of generic fields to suit your needs
More than 260 built and ready-for-use fields
Plugin field system to add advanced field types
Duplicate a field directly from a form

* Template Manager *
Templates of content and of form
Automatic and customized template
Transform a HTML lay-out into a dynamic page within 5 minutes, FOR WEB DESIGNER
Based on Joomla’s site template engine
Template Views: change the presentation of your content according to its location on the site

* CCK Pack *
A CCK pack is a ZIP file containing content types (forms), and/or fields and/or templates
Import and export packs
Exchange CCK packs in the CPD (CCK PACK DIRECTORY)
A pack of content is ready for use (in the box)

* Import / Export Manager *
CSV Import on Article Manager
CSV Import on User Manager
HTML Export on Article Manager
Import Translations on Joomfish

* Form, Search and List modules

Video, Audio, mp3, photo gallery, slide
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